Qingdao Juchang Plastic Injection Co., Ltd provide injection molding, plastic accessories, mold development, plastic box.

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High precision

Accuracy can be controlled within 0.2mm


It is not easy to deform after more than 500,000 uses

Long life

Use high hardness accessories for longer life

Low cost

Low cost of fully automatic production equipment

Short cycle

Multiple production lines have short operating cycles

Rich in experience

About 20 years of injection molding production experience

Injection molding equipment
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Injection molding equipment brand
Equipment manufacturerHengrunHaiTianHuaSuZhenXiongZhishangHaixiongGuangSuDongHuaLijin
Equipment tonnage55T125T158T160T218T300T478T850T400T
Injection sample

Juchang injection molding sample varieties, models, long service life and trust

Plastic samples for auto parts13

Plastic samples for auto parts12

Plastic samples for auto parts11

Plastic samples for auto parts10

Plastic samples for auto parts9

Plastic samples for auto parts8

Plastic samples for household appliances19

Plastic samples for household appliances18

Plastic samples for household appliances17

Plastic samples for household appliances16

Plastic samples for household appliances15

Plastic samples for household appliances14

Universal wheel3

Universal wheel2

Universal wheel

Universal wheel combination

Plastic products9

Plastic products8

Plastic products7

Plastic products6

Plastic products5

Plastic products4

Injection molding process

Customer offer 3D drawing or sample

Product pattern analysis

Drawing design

Mold making

Product injection molding

Product data monitoring

Confirmed sample

Product quality inspection

Mass Production

Package and ship

Product design

Mold making

Product injection molding

Product data monitoring

Confirmed sample

Product quality inspection

Mass production

Package and ship

Reasons for choosing Juchang

About 20 years experience in injection molding production


Covers an area of 5000 square meters


The main production equipment 18 injection molding machines

Rich experience, deep resume

20 years of injection processing precipitation, to provide customers with one-stop injection processing solutions.

Customized production, upgrade and innovation

Specializing in mold products R & D, production, processing and customization.

Quality team, strong strength

Strong quality control team, veteran quality engineers, to provide technical support for product quality.

Exclusive customers, no worries after sale

Professional after-sales team, reply within 24 hours,help customers to solve problems.

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